Jerusalem poll: 75% of residents love living there

Youth Authority survey polled 9,000 Jerusalemites aged 21-40.

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Israeli flags at the Western Wall in Jerusalem
Israeli flags at the Western Wall in Jerusalem
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A recent poll carried out by the Youth Authority in the Jerusalem Municipality finds that three out of four of those surveyed are either "highly satisfied" or "very highly satisfied" with living in the capital. 74% they would recommend that their friends outside the city move to Jerusalem.

Chanan Rubin, a member of the Jerusalem city council who holds the city's portfolio for "Youth, Families and Students," said, "Our first-of-its-kind program to involve the public in formulating policy regarding young families has proved itself! In its wake we have developed and invested greatly in parks, public spaces, unique educational frameworks, family-oriented events, and the like."

The poll also found that 75% of college students feel that it is quite likely that they will be able to find work in Jerusalem in their field. In certain fields, such as bio-tech, engineering, computer sciences, education, social sciences, and medicine, more than 80% are confident they will find work in Jerusalem.

City officials are happy with the results, not to mention surprised. Mayor Nir Barkat said, "In the past, our problem was that younger people were leaving the city in droves, but today, we see that they represent our future. Our efforts have made Jerusalem attractive once again to the young, as well as a leader in high-tech, culture, and all areas of life."

The survey results contrast with the popular conception that young Jerusalemites continue to leave the city.

Shlomo Levy, director of the Youth Authority, added, "Jerusalem was the first city to adopt a comprehensive policy for the young, back in 2010. Together with the young families themselves, we are now taking this process even further, in the understanding that they are our partners in building Jerusalem and making it even more attractive."

To this end, a major conference will be held this Tuesday in Beit Alliance (downtown Jerusalem, between the Mahane Yehuda market and Mercaz Klal). Ideas and practical suggestions will be discussed, with the goal of consolidating them into a master action plan for the coming years.