Ben Gurion Airport security finds gun in traveler's bag

Security forces ensure traveler is not a security threat, confiscate gun.

Ido Ben Porat ,

The suspect's gun
The suspect's gun
Israel Airport Authority

A 61-year-old man was detained at Ben Gurion Airport on Monday night after the x-ray machine showed he had a gun in his handbag.

Security teams present quickly did a full-body search of the suspect and acted according to emergency protocol, to ensure the man did not constitute a security threat.

The suspect was questioned, and after security forces determined he did not present an immediate threat, they confiscated the gun and allowed the suspect to fly to London.

On Monday night, a released soldier was released after being held in an Uzbekistan airport for twelve days while en route from Tashkent to Thailand. He was detained and his passport taken after 13 bullets were found in his carry-on. At first, the Israeli was not allowed to continue to his destination, but Israel's Foreign Ministry intervened and Uzbekistan authorities allowed the soldier to fly home to Israel.

The Israel Airports Authority warned Israelis traveling abroad to check the content of their bags before leaving Israel, to ensure they contain no weapons or other problematic items which might lead to their arrest, a lawsuit, heavy fines, and a disruption of their travel itinerary.

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