Man pelted with rocks in Samaria gives chase

After a Yitzhar resident was hit by rocks at the entrance to his community, he surprised his attackers by chasing them to their village.

Ido ben Porat,

Arabs throw rocks (archive)
Arabs throw rocks (archive)
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מרדף אחרי מיידי אבנים בשומרון

The school in the Arab village of Burin near the entrance of the Jewish community of Yitzhar is a constant source of rock-throwing against Israeli vehicles passing along Route 60 in Samaria.

The IDF is aware of the fact that breaks between classes have routinely become times when riots take place, therefore an IDF force is generally stationed at the junction at these hours.

This morning, however, an Army Jeep was not present at the junction, a fact that allowed a group of Arab youth to leave their school and freely throw rocks at Israeli drivers.

Resident of Yitzhar Tzvi Sukkot, whose car was pelted with rocks, quickly got out of his car and started pursuing the Arab attackers, who escaped back into their village - as he called IDF forces to the scene.

“There are hundreds of cars which pass by on that part of the road every day that are in constant danger from rock attacks. I am sick of feeling like a duck in a shooting range, therefore I stopped the car to pursue the rioters,” said Sukkot, who documented the pursuit on camera. “The youth didn’t expect that I would chase after them, but they got their bearings after a short time and continued to throw rocks at me. I almost got to the walls of the school, and a moment before they escaped into the school compound, I succeeded in clearly photographing them, and I transferred the photos to IDF forces which arrived at the scene.

Military commanders responsible for the area questioned the head of the Burin Council and the Principal of the school, and the community of Yitzhar hopes that swift reaction of the resourceful resident, and the clear documentation of the rock-throwers, will lead to arrests as soon as possible.