'They celebrate while we cry'

Amona residents protest outside coalition celebration over the failure to establish a new town for them and end their homelessness.

Yoni Kempinski,

Amona residents at protest
Amona residents at protest
צילום: מטה המאבק עמונה

Former residents of the town of Amona protested outside a government coalition celebration taking place in Givat Olga Wednesday night.

The homeless residents called on Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to fulfill his pledge to construct a new community for them.

40 families with 200 children have been forced to live without proper accommodations since their town was destroyed last month due to a Supreme Court decision that declared the land on which their homes were built to be Arab-owned, although no owners came forth to claim it.

Avichai Boaron, the leader of the campaign that tried to save Amona, said: "The coalition celebrates while we cry. The coalition is coming together as we are falling apart. And all of this is because the Prime Minister does not fulfill the commitment signed by him to establish a new town for us. We urge the Prime Minister to set up the town before we go up and prepare the land for construction ourselves."