'If Netanyahu won't build our town, we'll do it ourselves'

Amona evictees say replacement town promised by PM will be built, one way or another.

Orly Harari,

Protesters outside of PM's office
Protesters outside of PM's office
Hezki Ezra

Former residents of the town of Amona called upon the government Wednesday to fulfill Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s pledge to build a replacement town for the 42 families evicted from Amona last month, adding that they would be forced to take matters into their own hands if the state continues to neglect them.

The Mateh Amona committee also praised two Jewish Home MKs from the National Union faction for their decision to boycott a coalition event Wednesday evening in protest of the government’s failure to secure permanent housing for the evicted residents of Amona.

“We call upon ministers and MKs from the Likud and Jewish Home and other coalition parties to announce that they too will be boycotting the event in protest of the Prime Minister’s failure to keep his promise to establish a new town [for Amona evictees]. Where’s the embarrassment?”

“At a time when we are hunger striking for 14 days now in front of the Prime Minister’s residence, and while we’ve been living for almost two months in dormitory-like conditions while mourning the destruction of a blossoming community in the Land of Israel and waiting for a decision from the government, the Prime Minister is holding galas and parties for his friends instead of concerning himself with the most basic obligations he agreed to and approving immediately the establishment of a new town for the people he evacuated from their homes [where they had lived] for 20 years.”

The Amona committee concluded that should the government continue to avoid the issue, the evictees and their supporters would have no choice but to establish the new town themselves.

“We, the residents of Amona, will gather this evening in Givat Olga outside of the [coalition] event and we’ll tell coalition members that if the Prime Minister’s pledge to establish a new town won’t come to fruition immediately, we will have no choice but to lay the foundations [ourselves], even without the necessary permits, and it will be the coalition members who will pay the price.”

Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel and MK Bezalel Smotrich, said Wednesday morning that they could not take part in the festive gathering so long as former residents of Amona “remain in squalid conditions”.

"We cannot celebrate and be happy with the coalition when our brothers and sisters, the residents of Amona, remain in squalid conditions and the Prime Minister does not hold by his promise to establish a new community for them," the two National Union MKs said.

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