Arab spills boiling liquid on female officer

57-year-old Arab prisoner spills boiling water on prison director after his request was rejected for being late.

Shlomo Pyotrovsky,

Pot boiling liquid (Illustration)
Pot boiling liquid (Illustration)

An indictment for causing severe harm was filed on Wednesday morning at the Central District Court in Lod, against a 57-year-old Arab prisoner.

The prisoner, Hussein Atta Allah, 57, is being held in the Ayalon Prison.

The incident began two weeks ago when Allah presented the victim, who runs the wing of the jail in which he is imprisoned, with documents requesting permission to be with his partner. The victim told Allah that his request had been rejected, since he had submitted the forms late.

Allah thereupon became furious and decided to harm her.

The next day, Allah boiled water, margarine, salt, and sugar into a liquid mixture at the cooking station near the victim's office. He then entered her office holding the pot, which contained boiling liquid, with both hands, and threw the pot on the floor.

Immediately afterwards Allah ran out of the office, without helping the director or calling for help. The victim suffered severe burns on several parts of her body.

Hearing her screams for help, other prisoners and jail officers, as well as emergency services, began providing the director with first aid. She was then transferred to the hospital.

The court has requested to extend Allah's remand until all processes and investigations have been completed.