Yesh Atid MK slams Jewish Home

MK Haim Jelin says Education Ministry needs to 'spit out' Rabbi Levenstein, slams Jewish Home for right-wing views.

Hezki Baruch,

MK Haim Jelin
MK Haim Jelin
Ben Kallmer, Flash 90

MK Haim Jelin (Yesh Atid) spoke about Rabbi Yigal Levenstein's comments opposing women's service in the IDF.

"The Jewish religion calls for unity, patience, and love," Jelin said. "None of these are found in Rabbi Levenstein's speeches. Rabbi Levenstein does not deserve to be called a rabbi, and is not worthy of being a religious leader. He has every right to say what he thinks, but not if he is working as a public figure and an educator for generations to come.

"The Education Ministry must spit out those like Rabbi Levenstein. This is a rabbi who is looking to fight with the Jewish nation, and who has lost his right to be a teacher and educator in Israel.

"The Jewish Home is quietly filling its gas tanks and adding to the evil winds Rabbi Levenstein brings with him. When one MK continuously incites against the LGBTQ community, and another MK calls to forbid women to serve in the IDF, we should not be surprised that people like Levenstein are still in the public system.

Speaking about the Muezzin Law's recent approval, Jelin said, "After all of the organizations, discussions, and regulations, we received another extremist law. This law started as a whim, and was sinfully passed by this extremist government.

"We see the foundations of democracy continuing to crack because of a few extremist MKs. This coalition has chosen to harm Arabs for the sake of another few votes during the next elections.

"The reason the Yesh Atid party is rising in polls is because we, not the government, are constantly working for the benefit of the Israeli public. We work to unite the nation, not divide it. I'm not thinking about the next elections right now. Instead, I'm walking around the country, speaking with its citizens. I do not believe Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is an unchangeable fact of life. Yesh Atid is an alternative to a government which worries only about itself and its politics, instead of worrying about what's important for Israeli citizens."

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