How British Jews attack anti-Semitism

Radio: My week in London.

Walter Bingham,

Walter Bingham
Walter Bingham
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Hear: How a Zionist activist has infiltrated British anti-Israel BDS groups, what he discovered and how his knowledge helped to expose their activities.

And: Prominent Jewish Barristers and Solicitors form UK Lawyers For Israel - UKLFI - and volunteer to act against anti Jewish and anti Israel activities that fall foul of the law.

Also: The Oxford University Union' debates the motion: "This House believes Holocaust denial should not be criminalized". Hear one prominent Academic giving an excellent presentation opposing the motion, as well as excerpts from the arguments by the great Professor Debora Lipstadt who surprisingly spoke in favor of the motion.

It will be for you to decide if Holocaust denial should be a criminal offense, or if it would prevent free speech.

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