Arab League against moving embassies to Jerusalem

Arab League foreign ministers adopt resolution against attempts to move diplomatic missions to Jerusalem.

Elad Benari,

Current location of the United States Embassy in Tel Aviv
Current location of the United States Embassy in Tel Aviv
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Arab League foreign ministers on Tuesday adopted a resolution against any attempt to move diplomatic missions to Jerusalem, following President Donald Trump's campaign pledge to move the American embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The League "considers setting up any diplomatic mission in Jerusalem or moving it to the city an explicit attack on the rights of the Palestinian people and all Muslims and Christians", Tuesday's resolution read, according to the AFP news agency.

The resolution did not explicitly mention Trump or the United States. It was adopted unanimously adopted by the 22-member bloc.

Moving diplomatic missions to Jerusalem would be "a serious violation of international law and the Fourth Geneva Convention, and relevant Security Council resolutions," it warns.

Moving the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in recognition of Jerusalem being Israel’s capital was a central campaign promise of President Donald Trump.

Despite the campaign promises, however, things seem to have stalled. White House press secretary Sean Spicer recently told reporters that no decision has been made yet on the subject.

Trump himself appeared to back down a bit from his campaign pledge, telling the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) last month that such a move would not be “easy”.

This week, however, a delegation of American congressmen, led by Republican Congressman Ron DeSantis, visited Israel to discuss the move of the embassy.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) is vehemently opposed to moving the embassy as it regards eastern Jerusalem as the capital of its future state.

PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas recently promised a “political and diplomatic response” if Trump moves the embassy to Jerusalem.

A spokesman for his Fatah movement warned earlier this week that moving the American embassy would “explode the situation” in the entire Middle East and North Africa region.

The League resolution asked states and Arab League missions to "monitor and follow up on any move to breach the Security Council resolutions and international law regarding moving diplomatic missions to Jerusalem."

The foreign ministers also tasked the Arab Group of States in New York "to study effective measures to counter any such move through the United Nations, including the Security Council".