White House pledges to work to stop anti-Semitic incidents

White House Press Secretary pledges that Trump Administration will work to stop waves of bomb threats against Jewish institutions.

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Gary Willig,

Sean Spicer
Sean Spicer

The White House condemned the latest wave of bomb threats against Jewish institutions in the US Tuesday.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer began the daily White House press briefing by speaking of the anti-Semitic threats. "There has been an additional wave of threats to Jewish community centers and Anti-Defamation League offices. According to some reports, there have been over 100 bomb threats phoned into Jewish institutions since the start of this year alone."

Several Jewish schools were also reportedly targeted.

Spicer added that US President Donald Trump has condemned the anti-Semitic incidents. "As the President said at the beginning of his joint address: 'We're a country that stands united in condemning hates and evil in all of its forms.'"

"We denounce these latest anti-Semitic and hateful threats in the strongest terms. It is incredibly saddening that I have to continue to share these disturbing reports with you.

He pledged that the Trump Administration would continue to condemn the anti-Semitic incidents and work to put an end to them. "As long as [the threats] continue, we will continue to condemn them and [to] look at ways in which we can stop them."