'Building a new town is as necessary as eating'

Amona resident begins hunger strike until government fulfills promise to build new community for now-homeless families.

Benny Toker,

Tamar Nizri
Tamar Nizri
Eliran Aharon

Tamar Nizri, who was evicted from Amona several weeks ago, told Arutz Sheva that she had begun a hunger strike Thursday morning, and that she will continue the hunger strike outside the Prime Minister's residence until Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu fulfills his pledge to build a new town for the now-homeless former residents of Amona.

"We've been in front of the Prime Minister's [residence] for a few weeks now, but unfortunately our presence, as well as the continued residence of our families in the seminary in Ofra, did not cause the Prime Minister to bring our [situation] up, or to try to contact us. The reality therefore compels us to adopt new tactics," she explained.

Nizri said that her decision to undertake a hunger strike represents an escalation in the campaign to get the government to fulfill its promises and obligations to the families it threw onto the street with no alternative housing. "It is a statement that the construction of a new community for us is not a luxury. It is a necessity, just like the need to eat. We would love to return to our hilltop in Amona, but we expect the Prime Minister to at the very least fulfill the commitment, which was given both orally and in writing, to establish a town for us. Unfortunately, since he returned from abroad, we have tried to get in contact with him and with the bureau, but we have received no answer."

Nizri called on the Cabinet to discuss the establishment of a new community for the former residents of Amona during its meeting on Sunday. "Binyamin Netanyahu promised that by March 31 there will be new community for us. The Jewish Home [party] established the deadline for the government to put forward a resolution on the town by the fifteenth of the month. We hope that all of this will help the Prime Minister to pass the resolution to establish the community. Today, we began the hunger strike, and we believe that more and more people will join. Residents of Jerusalem joined us today, and we call on all residents and lovers of Israel to join us in our pain and to cry out our cry with us."

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