'This harms the Rabbinate and the state's Jewish character'

National Union party warns kashrut reforms will divide country, harm the Jewish character of the state.

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One Kashrut
One Kashrut
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The National Union faction sent a sharp letter to the Tzohar rabbinic organization in which it attacked the initiative of the Hotel Association to transfer its Kashrut authorization from the Chief Rabbinate to the Tzohar rabbinic organization.

"Kashrut is not the private interest of one association or another. Those who require Kashrut are citizens of the country and not tycoons or hotel managers. Kashrut is part of the State of Israel's identity and therefore it is supervised and run by the Chief Rabbinate. Even a good private Kashrut supervision is no substitute for Rabbinate supervision," the letter said.

The party also declared that "if the Tzohar rabbinic organization supports the initiative it is a much more serious issue because it harms the status of the Chief Rabbinate."

The party added that "the move would cause many religious people who desire national and organized Kashrut supervision to shun hotels."

In response to the National Union letter, MK Elazar Stern (Yesh Atid) stated that "it's time to create alternatives for the Rabbinate's Kashrut in the State of Israel. Unfortunately, over the course of the years the Rabbinate's Kashrut authority has become synonymous with corruption.

"Breaking the monopoly will contribute to a cleaner Kashrut and would add to Israel's identity as a Jewish and democratic state.

MK Rahel Azaria (Kulanu) also welcomed the Hotel Association's initiative and said "the Jewish people want Kashrut but refuse to pay the cost of a monopoly and this [hotel initiative] is another example of this."