Arab woman convicted of assaulting MK Mualem

Attack occurred when MK Shuli Mualem-Refaeli ascended Temple Mount in November, 2014.

Shlomo Pietrekovski,

Shuli Mualem on Temple Mount
Shuli Mualem on Temple Mount

Jerusalem Magistrate's Court convicted today (Tuesday) an Arab woman who attacked MK Shuli Mualem as she visited the Temple Mount.

According to the indictment the attacker, Sachar Natshe, shouted at Mualem "go away" and "Allah Akbar" as she pushed her and prevented her from entering the compound.

The incident took place in November, 2014, when Mualem ascended the Temple Mount, as she has done before and after, until the ban on Knesset members ascending the Mount was announced.

When Mualem came to Mount she was surrounded by dozens of women screaming and chanting to prevent her from visiting the Mount, and one of them actually attacked her.

The assailant was indicted today.

ח''כ מועלם בהר הבית