Six orphans in dire poverty launch emergency family fund

Orphans ask for money to support themselves, disabled mother after father's death.

Kupat Ha'ir, | updated: 21:59

The Family
The Family
Kupat Ha'Ir

Last Friday, the orphans of the 'Y. family' began an emergency campaign, begging for help from the public. Their mother, who has been living with multiple sclerosis for over a decade, relied on the help of her husband to watch after their children. Two weeks ago, Rabbi 'Y' died suddenly, leaving the household in a state of devastation and poverty.

This is what the youngsters wrote:


We are the orphans of the Y. family.

Our mommy is very, very sick. We don't know how long she will live, but there is no cure for what she has. She has muscle spasms, she can't walk normally, and she is in terrible pain.

That's why, until now, our father took care of us and ran the home. We're 12 children, 6 are married, and 6 are still at home. Two weeks ago, our father died. While my siblings and I held each other, and cried until we couldn't cry anymore, we couldn't help but wonder - what will be?

Hungry, Grieving, and Truly Poor
kupat hair

We are so poor. Mommy is too sick to work. With Daddy gone, how will we eat? Where will we live?

There isn't a clearer way to put it: My siblings and I are frightened.

We are hungry, grieving, and truly, truly poor.


If you can please find it in your heart to donate to our emergency family fund, it will mean the difference between pangs of hunger in my younger siblings' stomachs, and a hot meal on Shabbat (Sabbath).

It can mean the difference between being the orphan with the torn and stained clothes at school, or, although still an orphan, at least someone who does not feel ashamed of his appearance. It can mean the difference between homelessness, being thrown out on the street with a mother who cannot walk, and a warm home to live in.

You can save our lives. Please don't turn us away.

Thank you, and may G-d grant that you never have to live through the kind of suffering we are experiencing.




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