'New Supreme Court Judge biased against men'

Head of Family Research Institute says new Justice has history of punishing divorced men who want to be involved in raising their children.

Gil Ronen,

Justice Willner
Justice Willner
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Dr. Yoav Mazeh, the head of the Family, Equality & Law Research Institute at Ono Academic College, expressed concern about the appointment of Justice Yael Willner to the Supreme Court.

Dr. Mazeh said in an interview with Arutz Sheva that Justice Wilner, who is one of four new judges who were appointed to the Supreme Court this week, has a radical feminist and anti-male agenda.

"There are judges who, when their rulings are checked consistently, evidence a very pronounced and serious bias. [These are] judges who ignore the circumstances, the facts, what is relevant to the specific case, and act in accordance with an agenda. Judge Yael Willner is, in my opinion, a judge with a very clear agenda - an agenda that I would say is pro-female and anti-male," he said.

"Her rulings until now indicate that she sees the involvement of fathers in raising children as something negative. She tries to attack every opportunity [the father] has to come to [his child's] doorstep. With regard to alimony, she [forces fathers] to pay a very large and unreasonable amount, and in fact punishes fathers who are involved in raising their children," Dr. Mazeh continued.

According to Dr. Mazeh, Justice Willner stated that the father must pay nearly the full child support even if there is joint custody and even if the mother's salary is higher than his salary. "In her famous judgment in 2006, she established that in cases of joint custody for the father - a father who is involved, who leaves work early to care for the children, he should pay more in child support than a father who is a complete stranger to his children and who focuses on his career."

He added that she had repeated her anti-father ruling several times over the years.

"In my estimation, she is one of those judges who takes a one-sided approach: whose worldview is against the involvement of fathers in the family and against equality between men and women. In their eyes, men are always bad, and so they will be punished harshly, while some mothers who have committed abuse are treated leniently and are given lighter punishments. This is my prediction for the conduct of Justice Willner."