And now, Israeli fake news

Thanks to our press corps, Ambassador Nikki Haley's wonderful UN speech almost didn't reach the Israeli public.

Gil Ronen ,

Nikki Haley
Nikki Haley

As we now know, the American Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, gave a wonderful speech to reporters in the UN Thursday. What she said, and the charm, confidence and poise with which she said it, caused numerous Israelis to respond with such phrases as "the days of the Messiah", and "the end of days".

Without a doubt, the speech was very important news for Israelis.

But the story behind the story is also important, and it lends credence to President Donald Trump's "fake news" accusation, regarding the dishonest media that makes up some stories and hides others.

We may be living in the age of instant communication but Haley's speech reached the Israeli audience three days after it was delivered – and that, too, appears to have happened only thanks to Hillel Neuer's UN Watch, which published it online in its entirety.

It was only after the video went viral and garnered over three million views that it broke through the iron curtain of ideological censorship and reached the Israelis. To the best of our knowledge, no news source in Israel published it before noon Tuesday, Israel time.

Moreover, Haley's heartwarming praise of Israel was actually spun as negative news. On Thursday, Israelis were told by their media that the UN Ambassador had thrown cold water on the President's remarks, a day earlier, in which he said that the US was open to other options beside the two-state solution.

Her remark about the two-state solution was presented as a backtracking and clarification of Trump's statement. In fact, she had simply repeated that statement, saying that "we support the two-state solution, but we support peace and stability even more".

The New York Times and the AP also spun her remarks in that fashion. It is only in the past 24 hours that media in the world have been waking up to what she really said, and some are even comparing it to former UN Ambassador's fiery rejection of the UN resolution equating Zionism and racism, in 1975.

In the end, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu uploaded a translated version of Haley's rousing words to his Facebook account. As of now, it has received close to 470,000 views. Fake news has been faked out.