Crane operators to strike Thursday

Crane operators will cease all activity Thursday to protest lack of employment benefits and rights and the safety hazards in their work.

Orli Harari,

Cranes at building site
Cranes at building site
Bishvil Halev, Pesifas

Due to a breakdown in negotiations with the Construction Union over their employment conditions, the crane operators will strike Thursday- initially for one day

1200 crane operators will cease all activity at thousands of construction sites in Israel.

The crane operators will also conduct a mass rally, in Tel Aviv with the active support of the Histadrut. Histadrut leader Avi Nissenkorn, head of the Construction Worker's Union Yitzhak Moyal and other representatives are expected to participate.

Nissenkorn is also organization a strike fund to help the crane operators in their struggle. All registered crane operators who will strike and take part in the national protest rally will be eligible to receive payment for the lost day of work.

Nissenkorn said that "more than 400 workers in Israel have lost their lives in the last decade in a sector which has become increasingly dangerous and the most deadly occupation in the Israeli workforce. Enough cheapening of human life. Lack of safety, poor supervision and lack of enforcement are symptoms of a neglected area in which most of the workers are temporary workers deprived of employment benefits and basic conditions. The workers who build the country are endangering their lives and cannot finish the month on their salaries."

The Histadrut head emphasized that "the struggle for the rights of the crane operators is a struggle over the image of Israeli society. Due to our deep commitment to the protection of construction workers and in particular the crane operators, the Histadrut will put its full weight into insuring that the rights of this group will be incorporated into a collective agreement which will reflect aspects of safety and dignified living."

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