Amona residents skeptical about PM's commitment to them

Amona residents welcome statements that PM would not renege on promise to establish new town, say they'd had enough disappointments.

Ido Ben Porat,

Amona residents in Supreme Court
Amona residents in Supreme Court
Miriam Alster, Flash 90

The Amona Headquarters responded Monday evening to the announcement by the Prime Minister's Bureau that the Prime Minister does not intend to renege on his promise to establish a new town for Amona evacuees.

"We welcome the statement of the Prime Minister's Bureau," said members of the Headquarters, "but we have had our fill of disappointments and frustrations. From our present lodgings in the Ofra dormitory we can say painfully that until the tractors go up to the land and we can establish ourselves in alternative houses, we will not be truly content."

According to the agreement signed with the government, the establishment of a new town and a temporary residential area must be completed by 31 March 2017 including receiving the new town symbol. We pray and hope that this will indeed occur and that the Prime Minister and his ministers will stand by their commitments. We will be glad to see them cutting the red tape for the new town," added the residents.

Earlier Monday, officials in the Prime Minister's office declared that he does not intend to renege on the commitment given to residents of Amona that a new town would be established for them in Samaria.

The Prime Minister's Bureau Chief of Staff, Yoav Horowitz, spoke with Amona headquarters chairman Avichai Boaron and informed him that all efforts are being made to find a mutually-agreed solution. "We are not reneging on the commitment," stressed Horowitz.