Rivlin: Missiles do not discriminate between Jew and Arab

President attends Kafr Qasem road inauguration following explosion of rockets on southern Israel from nearby Sinai.

Ido Ben-Porat,

Rivlin in Kafr Qasem
Rivlin in Kafr Qasem
Mark Nieman

President Reuven (Ruby) Rivlin participated today (Monday) in the inauguration of the Kafr Qasem northern Beltway. The new road will connect Kafr Qasem's northern neighborhoods with its urban roads.

Rivlin cut the ribbon together with Transport and Intelligence Minister Israel Katz, and the mayor of Kafr Qasem Adl Bdir, and then spoke at the event.

At the request of Kafr Qasem's municipality, the President has for the past two years intimately accompanied the road's development and completion processes vis-à-vis the Transportation Ministry in light of difficulties that arose along the way.

In his opening remarks the President referred to the rockets fired at Israel this morning: "Not far from here, once again this morning, several missiles were fired at Israeli towns. At kindergartens, at cafeterias, at factories. Missiles on their way to maim and kill. Missiles that do not distinguish between Jews and Arabs. Those missiles that were this time aimed at the Israeli communities just outside Gaza could equally find their way to other areas, and do not distinguish between schools in Kafr Qasem and neighboring Rosh Haayin."

Kafr Kasim is located on a hill about 12 miles east of Tel Aviv.

"This time, thank G-d, these rockets landed in open areas. Let our enemies not test our force's readiness, I am confident that they will continue to be vigilant to ensure our presence everywhere in Israel, so that we may be able to continue life's routine, development, and growth - while the security of our citizens stands uppermost," stressed Rivlin.

Rivlin effused about the government's "clear and comprehensive" commitment to "release the barriers faced by Arab society", listed a cornucopia of planned government largesse, and emphasized to Kafr Qasem's residents: "To be able to carry out these programs, we need your commitment. Commitment to adhere to the law. Commitment to build within the existing allowable space. Urban and rural space is important for all of us, it is all of our future and it is important that we understand that it is a shared resource. A resource that requires planning and guarding. Proper planning of space and law observance will contribute to the quality of life in our community and nation."