End to commercial discrimination in Judea and Samaria?

Knesset plenum affirms bill preventing commercial discrimination against residents of periphery, Judea, and Samaria.

Hezky Baruch,

Shuli Mualem and Yossi Dagan
Shuli Mualem and Yossi Dagan
Hezki Baruch

The Knesset plenum affirmed at second and third reading a bill to prevent discrimination against residents of the periphery, Judea and Samaria and Arab villages within the Green Line who do not receive the same service as other citizens of Israel.

In the past, commercial companies have refused to supply service to these sectors or have charged exorbitant sums to provide service to these sectors.

Jewish Home faction head Shuli Mualem-Rafaeli who initiated the bill said that "the situation in which consumers suffer discrimination will not be allowed to continue and will be dependent on market forces. Companies choosing to continue to maintain type one and type two consumers will have to take into account that their actions will be transparent and the public will treat them accordingly. In a proper country the service must be egalitarian."

Mualem emphasized that "I am happy that such an important legal procedure started by my friend the late Ori Orbach has been completed by me. I wish to thank the Samarian Regional Council head Yossi Dagan and Sagi Kreizler, former head of the Shomron Community Council for their joint efforts and the legal assistance they provided for thousands of families who will now receive egalitarian treatment from commercial companies."

Dagan added that the legislation was very important both for Judean and Samarian communities and for all Israeli society and thanked Mualem-Rafaeli for her efforts in passing the law.