In pictures: IDF drill in Hevron

Hevron Brigade holds drills, practices dealing with various types of terror attacks and infiltrations.

Uzi Baruch,

IDF exercises
IDF exercises
IDF spokesman

The IDF's "Hevron Brigade" held a drill last week which included Battalions 890, 77, and 601, as well Military Reconnaissance Platoon 7.

The exercise began on Monday night, and the soldiers held drills for dealing appropriately with shooting and ramming attacks, infiltrations, and firebombs. It ended with all of the battalions and their commanders entering the Hevron-area Arab town of Dura for a real-time operation to arrest wanted terrorists.

"We take every drill seriously. Every brigade in this area holds comprehensive drills similar to the one we held this week," a senior brigade commander said. "This is one of the most complicated areas to secure, and we do everything we can to be ready for any situation. The more we practice, and the more complex and challenging situations we rehearse, the more prepared we will be when confronted with a real-life situation of a similar type.

"The Hevron Brigade will continue to do everything possible to ensure the safety of the area's residents and to allow them to lead normal lives."