Police arrest parents for suspected child abuse

Hospital suspects child abuse, police arrest parents.

Orly Harari , | updated: 23:19

Child crying (illustrative)
Child crying (illustrative)

A couple in their 30's from Modi'i Illit were arrested Saturday morning on suspicion of abusing their 4.5 year old son.

The suspected abuse was reported after the child was hospitalized in Tel Hashomer Hospital. Doctors who treated the child noticed he was suffering from abuse and notified the police immediately.

Israel Police began an undercover investigation on Thursday and arrested the parents early on Saturday morning. They will be brought to Hashalom Court in Tel Aviv on Saturday night, where their arrest is expected to be extended.

Accordig to Bhol, the parents, who were at home at the time of their arrest, were charged with causing serious injury to their child.

Bhol reported that the child was hospitalized several weeks ago, but his situation deteriorated after he received the appropriate treatment to the point where he had to be moved to the hospital's pediatric ICU ward. Concerned over the boy's health was deteriorating, hospital staff installed a video camera in the child's room so they could better monitor him.

The video footage showed the child's mother adding an unapproved chemical to the IV line without informing the doctors, leading hospital staff to contact the police.

A Tel Hashomer spokesperson said, "Our aware and professional staff have raised the concern that the child's medical condition is the fault of the parents. Out of concern for the child, the hospital has turned to Israel Police. Cooperation with the police has led to the arrest of the parents. The case has been reported to the Health Ministry and the child has been referred to the Welfare Ministry."

It is not yet clear why the child was hospitalized or what his medical condition is. However, his health is improving.