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Radio Host Dovid Lichtenstein
Radio Host Dovid Lichtenstein
Halacha Headlines

A special radio debate will be airing about the relationship with Chabad, and the importance of a secular education in the Yeshiva system.

The broadcast will be held after this coming Shabbat (Saturday night), and will feature Rabbi Dr. Dovid Berger, Rabbinical member of the RCA, dean of Yeshiva University's Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies. Outside academic circles, Rabbi Dr. Berger is best known for authoring "The Rebbe, the Messiah, and the Scandal of Orthodox Indifference, a criticism of Chabad messianism".

Also joining the debate is Rabbi Mayer Schiller, a spokesperson for the Skver Community of New Square. Rabbi Schiller is a noted "Maggid Shiur", educator and author.

Joining as well is the renowned Rabbi Gedalia Weinberger, who is the guiding force of PCS, Chairman of the Board of Directors, as well as BMG, Torah V'daas, Agudath Israel of America and Torah Umesorah.

Tune in to WMCA 570, Motzei Shabbos at 11 PM or at www.headlinesbook.com.

You can also listen anytime on the Halacha Headlines Hotline: 732.806.8700

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