J Street spokeswoman 'forgets' group's anti-Israel bias

J Street Israel director slams Trump's pick for ambassador, can't recall incidents where J Street refused to work with pro-Israel groups.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Demonstration against Israel in the US
Demonstration against Israel in the US

J Street Israel director Yael Patir slammed US President Donald Trump's nominee for US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman following Friedman's walking back of his criticism of J Street and and other left-wing Jewish groups and individuals during his Senate confirmation hearing on Thursday.

"He never apologized. He said: 'I used words I shouldn't have.' There's a difference. There's nothing accept or to not accept," Patir said in an interview with Army Radio. "He made a 'flip-flop' and retreated from the positions which he had had for many years. I think that's indicative of how he wants the job," she argued. "It aligns with the American consensus of the last 50 years. It proves his position until now been outside the consensus."

Patir expressed doubts about the Trump administration's commitment to the two-state solution. "We want to see what they do. Words are like sand and they lack substance. If their actions align with our beliefs, then we will support them. And if not, we will resist them with all of our power."

During the interview, the radio host brought up several controversial actions J Street had taken. Patir said that she was not familiar with either case.

When asked about J Street's refusal to sign a letter critical of the Mavi Marmara incident in 2010 alongside the mainstream pro-Israel lobby AIPAC. Patir said she was "not familiar with this case. I'd like to check it out."

She also claimed ignorance when asked about J Street's refusal to participate in a pro-Israel rally during Operation Protective Edge over concerns for the Arabs in Gaza.

J Street supports BDS of Jewish goods made in Judea and Samaria.