Fatah official:
'Netanyahu trying to bury the two-state solution'

Fatah Central Committee member accuses Netanyahu of working against establishment of Palestinian state.

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Dalit Halevi,

Mohammed Shtayyeh
Mohammed Shtayyeh
Flash 90

Fatah Central Committee member Mohammad Shtayyeh on Thursday blasted Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s remarks following his meeting with President Donald Trump.

Speaking on Palestinian Authority TV, Shtayyeh said Netanyahu’s comments were "the final collapse of the two-state solution" and proof that he "is striving to eliminate the possibility of establishing a Palestinian state.”

He further claimed that Israel is trying to convince the American government of the notion that the principle of two-state solution is unfeasible.

Shtayyeh called for a “firm Palestinian and international response” to Netanyahu’s remarks, saying that Israel knows it has no other option other than the two-state solution.

The comments are similar to a statement released by Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday, hours after Trump and Netanyahu’s meeting.

A statement from PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s office said that the PA remains committed to the two-state solution and is willing to work with Trump’s administration to achieve a peace agreement.

At the same time, the statement criticized Netanyahu and claimed that “Israel’s insistence on destroying the two-state solution will lead to more extremism and more instability.” Abbas has steadfastly refused to negotiate without preconditions. PA glorification of terrorists and maps that eliminate Israel indicate that his long term goal is one Arab state from the Jordan to the Mediterranean.

“We are ready to work positively with the Trump administration in order to bring peace,” the statement continued, “but the Israeli Prime Minister’s return to using language which dictates the continuation of Israeli control over the western borders of Palestine, as well as his demand for recognition of Israel as a Jewish state - all these are attempts to impose facts on the ground, destroy the two-state solution and replace it with the principle of an apartheid state.”

While Trump said during the meeting that he is not necessarily committed to the two-state solution, Abbas’s statement – like Shtayyeh’s comments – attacked Netanyahu for Trump’s stance, an indication that PA officials may be wary of possible consequences that could come from directly attacking the President of the United States.