'Yesh Atid not welcome in our neighborhood'

Haredi politicians slam planned Yesh Atid conference in haredi neighborhood in Jerusalem, call conference 'provocation against haredim'.

Gary Willig,

Haredim in Jerusalem
Haredim in Jerusalem
Marcello Soss/Flash90

Haredi MKs lambasted Yesh Atid party head Yair Lapid for holding a political conference in Bayit Vegan, a predominantly haredi neighborhood in Jerusalem.

Deputy Education Minister Meir Porush (United torah Judaism) told the Kikar Hashabbat Hebrew news site: "I hear that Yesh Atid is trying to help the haredi community. Everyone knows what they have done in the short term, which is that they spoiled a lot. There is no doubt about that today, even if they put on a little makeup, they are trying to promote the same [agenda] under a different guise. These are people who want to see us [haredim] stunted."

Porush called on haredi residents to "not be tempted" to participate in the Yesh Atid conference.

Shas faction chairman MK Yoav Ben-Tzur called on Lapid to change the location of the conference to avoid any "unnecessary provocations."

Jerusalem City Councilman Eliezer Rauchberger (United Torah Judaism) also called on Lapid to move the conference out of Bayit Vegan. "Yair Lapid and Yesh Atid are persona non grata in the haredi community. He has no business in a haredi neighborhood or with the haredi public. I do not understand what he is looking for in a haredi neighborhood or the haredi community."

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