Drugs brought into US by catapult?

Mexican authorities confiscated a catapault used to launch drugs over the border fence into the US.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

US-Mexican border
US-Mexican border

Mexican authorities in the border town of Agua Prieta discovered a catapult which was being used to hurl marijuana and other drugs over the American border. The discovery was made after a U.S. Border Patrol tipped off the authorities about the catapult's existence.

Agents in the American town of Douglas, Arizona noticed suspicious activity near the border fence and when they reached the Mexican side of the border fence they discovered the catapult attached to it. Two bundles of marijuana were found lying nearby.

In recent years, smugglers have used air-powered cannon and catapaults to shoot bundles of drugs over the border. Last September, Mexican authorities seized a modified van that was apparently being used for this purpose – it had an air compressor, a gas engine, a storage tank and an approximately 3-meter metal tube described as a “homemade bazooka.”

US President Donald Trump has vowed to build a wall between the US and Mexico but admitted that in certain areas it would be a fence. However a fence and even a wall may not be enough to prevent drugs from making their way into the US by catapault or cannon.