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Prosecution asks court to halt Adei Ad demolitions: 'State required to examine Law's ramifications for buildings.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Evactuation at Adei Ad
Evactuation at Adei Ad
Nati Rom, Shomron Settler's Committee

The State Prosecutor has for the first time asked the Supreme Court to block the demolition of buildings constructed on Palestinian land in Adei Ad in Binyamin, it was reported this morning (Wednesday) by the newspaper Yisrael Hayom.

In the State's position that was submitted yesterday to the Supreme Court, prosecutor's office officials wrote that "regarding the illegal structures located outside declared state land, the state will seek to note that given the enactment of the law regulating the settlements in Judea and Samaria, the state is required to examine the law's ramifications for the buildings."

According to the report, some structures in question were built on private land and some were partially constructed on state land.

Abetted by the radical Yesh Din organization, the petitioners claim that Adei Ad is partially built on private land in the Arab settlements Turmusayya, al-Mughayyir, Kreiot, and Jalud, requiring destruction of 11 structures in the community.

The state is now requesting that the court erase the petition regarding construction on state land, as it did with last week's petition to evacuate homes in Tapuach west. Unlike last week's decision, the prosecution seeks not to order evacuation of buildings erected on private land.

Yesh Din responded that "All of the illegitimate practices that Israel employs regarding illegal West Bank construction are concentrated in one message. The outpost Adei Ad was set up in an entirely illegal manner ... rather than the state enforcing the law and evacuating the outpost, it acts to declare more and more land as state land, which it designates exclusively for settlers, and also looks for every way not to return private land to its Palestinian owners."