This Tuesday, Torah Sages at annual prayer for parnassah

Torah Sages gather to pray for parnassah on Tuesday before Torah reading on manna from heaven. They will have a limited list of names.


Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky
Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky
Kupat Ha'Ir

If you knew your parnassah (income) for the year was hinging on one precious moment, what would you do? What if I told you, that moment is now?

The special time of year has arrived once again, when Jews all over the world take part in the famous and special segulah (merit) of davening for parnassah on the Tuesday preceding the Torah reading of Shabbat Parshas Beshalach. Our holy books tell us that we should take this opportunity to read part of the Shabbat reading, Parshas HaMon, that tells of the manna sent from above by Hashem, whose words serve as a segulah for parnassah for the year to come.

Surely no one knows what the holy books say, or the importance of a segulah, better than the Gedolei Yisroel, our generation's Torah luminaries, themselves. If actions speak louder than words, an entire sugiyah (Talmudic discussion) can be based on the fact that this Tuesday, at this auspicious time for prayer, Rav Chaim Kanievsky shlit"a, HaAdmor MiBelz, Rav Edelshtein, Rav Galai, and more will be gathering together to say Parshas HaMon for the parnassah of all the Jewish People, Klal Yisroel. Their holy hands and eyes, rich with Torah wisdom, Daas Torah, will scan each individual name of those who give to this campaign.

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This is a difficult period for Klal Yisroel, with Jewish families the world over suffering in poverty. Thousands of these destitute families rely on monthly support from Kupat Ha'Ir, tzedaka of this generation's Sages, Gedolei Hador. Those who have the opportunity, zechus, to have their names in the tefilos, prayers, of the gedolim this Tuesday can also rest assured that their donation will go toward supporting poor widows, talmidei chachamim (Torah scholars), and orphans living in Israel.

Whether it is struggling to pay for school tuition, marrying off a child, or medical bills, we all need or know someone who needs parnassah. However parnassah, like all other good, does not come without creating keilim, vessels, to receive it. This is your chance to do your part, hishtadlus, for yourself and for those you love. Your name will be davened for personally for a donation of $180.

Whether you will be reading Parshas HaMon this Tuesday yourself or not, you can know you are together with Rav Chaim Kanievsky, and other Torah luminaries, and that your name will be included in what is surely one of the most holy and choshuve (significant) gatherings of tefilah for parnassah in the world.

This parsha reminds us that just as Hashem provided us with the manna, He will iy"H continue to provide livelihood and sustenance for us -- now, it's your job to help make it happen.

You only have 72 hours to add you name. Give now, before this brief window has passed.