What are US spousal Social Security benefits after divorce?

What happens to US spousal Social Security benefits After divorce or remarriage?

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Douglas Goldstein,

Divorce (illustration)
Divorce (illustration)

Spousal US social security benefits can add up, so if you are divorced (or know someone who is), make your claim accordingly.

Devin Carroll, financial advisor at Carroll Investment Management, discusses with cross-border financial planner Douglas Goldstein, CFP, the effects of divorce and remarriage on Social Security benefits.

Find out why women in particular should research what they may be entitled to when they retire, whether single, married, or divorced. Depending on your situation, it may be more than you think.

How to help seniors handle their investments: One of the toughest financial questions people ask is when to let go of financial responsibility.

When should you consider adding additional names to your financial accounts and train someone to follow through with your financial values? Get the answers in a 12-minute video about how to let go of responsibility and pass it onto the next generation at: Profile-Financial.com/letting-go.


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