'They treated us like animals, it was appalling'

Uriel Greenblatt barricaded in house of Amona Rabbi Yair Frank describes brutal eviction to Arutz Sheva.

Benny Toker,

Final Struggle
Final Struggle
Ronen Zevulun,Reuters

Uriel Greenblatt, a student at the Beit El Yeshiva, was barricaded together with tens of youths in the house of Amona Rabbi Yair Frank.

In an Arutz Sheva interview, Greenblatt claimed that the reports by a number of media outlets about police acting gently towards Amona activists are lies. "We sat, more than 100 yeshiva students on the floor holding hands and with clear intentions not to hit any policeman but to behave like sacks of potatoes.

"The police broke a window with a pitchfork and showered glass all over us. They came in and began to kick us and to punch us. There was a lot of violence there," said Greenblatt. "Rabbi Frank asked if they could let him pray a final Maariv prayer in his house. They gave us seven minutes and then went back to hitting us. We hadn't done anything; we sat on the floor and they pummeled us with kicks and punches."

Greenblatt said that wherever there weren't photographers there was violence. "In one room there was someone on top of a bunk bed they just took him and threw him. His leg got jammed and they started punching him until his leg was freed. We asked the officer to remove the Special Unit forces but he said that what they were doing was fine. They treated us like animals, it was appalling."