PM's wife: The Bible a favorite of myself and my family

PM's wife, Sara Netanyahu, told central Caucus to Encourage Bible Study conference of her relationship to the Book of Books.

Eliran Aharon ,

Sarah Netanyahu at Caucus conference
Sarah Netanyahu at Caucus conference
Eliran Aharon

The central conference of the Caucus to Encourage Tanach Study led by MK Yehuda Glick was held today (Tuesday) in the Knesset attended by the Prime Minister's wife, Sarah Netanyahu.

MK Glick opened the conference with a welcoming speech: "The Tanach is the cornerstone of our connection to this wonderful phenomenon of the return to Zion. I tell every tourist that comes to Israel: Today you can hold the Bible and see the words of the Bible coming true before your eyes - we returned home. The Tanach does not belong to a specific population; not the religious and haredi, not left and right - it is the identity of all of us.

"I saw fit to establish this caucus to strengthen the link between Israeli society and the Tanach. I never got to know the late Shmuel ben-Artzi [Sarah Netanyahu's father], but the more I read about him I admire this man - a man who was a student of the demanding Novardok mussar yeshivas, and later was a member of Kibbutz Mahanayim; he was both religious and secular, both teacher and student. He loved the Tanach; he was a father of three and grandfather of one winners of the National Tanach competition. So I thought it appropriate that Mrs. Sarah Netanyahu should honor this occasion," he added.

Netanyahu also welcomed the caucus' establishment: "I feel like I'm here with my father. That's why it was important for me to be here at today's event. You said my father was a religious scholar and a yeshiva student. He was also a pioneer and worked the orchards for seven years and was a member of Kibbutz Mahanayim. Father was one of the few who was both a member of the Irgun and later a member of the Hagana, because the most important thing to him was the Land of Israel.

"I'm glad to be here with you today and I congratulate you on the establishment of the Caucus to Encourage Tanach Study in Israel. The Tanach is my and my family's favorite, and I'm connected to it from a very deep and personal place. First from my father, my teacher, my beloved father, the late Shmuel ben-Artzi. My father was a poet and a writer, but first he was a biblical scholar and among the first teachers and educators in Israel. A Hebrew educator, a great Bible teacher, who taught generations and generations of students," Netanyahu noted. "I know that all of his students loved and respected him - and loved the Tanach, thanks to him. His love for Tanach infected them all, his many students - and me, and our family.

"I'm connected to the Tanach as a sister to three brothers who were winners and a mother to a Tanach competition winner - my son Avner was the Tanach champion at age 15," said Netanyahu. "I think this is a national mission for all our boys and girls: Get to know and learn the Tanach. It's our Book of Books - in fact, the story of our lives. The story of us all. Every Shabbat that my son Avner comes home for a short furlough, he sits with his father, the Prime Minister, and they learn the weekly Torah portion together, the Haftarah reading of the Prophets, and Pirkei Avot (Ethics of the Fathers). Many times our son Yair also participates in their learning, which for me is the most beautiful thing in our family. That's how I remember Shabbat at home in Tivon with Mother and Father and my brothers, learning Tanach. When I see my children learning with their father, I remember my father fondly and know his legacy lives on - and continues from generation to generation.

"So, if I may at this most honored gathering suggest to you - and anyone watching us: Adopt and promote Tanach learning between parents and children. This is our tradition and we have a great privilege to learn it and pass it on to future generations. I'm very happy to be here today and congratulate Yehuda and all of you on the establishment Caucus to Encourage Tanach Study in Israel. The Tanach is truly my and my family's favorite and I am very connected to it," Netanyahu concluded.