Mediterranean Magic: Banish the Winter Blues

The sky is overcast, the wind is bitter, and the air is cold. It's mid January, which is why I'd like to bring something a little warmer


 kosher gift baskets
kosher gift baskets

The sky is overcast, the wind is bitter, and the air is cold. It's mid-January, and the winter blues are well and truly under way. This time of year is notoriously miserable - which is why I'd like to bring something a little warmer and more wonderful your way.

Unless you're a last minute kinda person, chances are your return to work after the festive holiday season has seen you sat in front of your computer gazing at travel websites. Pictures of distant, sunny lands have captured your imagination and you long to be transported to somewhere far away from your dreary winter.

I can't magic away the grey and bring you summer, but I can do the next best thing: offer you a taste of the Mediterranean so entrancing, you'll think you're already there.

The countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea are drenched in sunlight. They boast a temperate climate - it's rarely cold and even then almost never drops below freezing - and there is generous seasonal rainfall. These conditions are ideal for growing delicious produce year round, and Israeli farms excel at utilizing this produce to create delicious treats you'll love.

How could you not? After all, some of the world's best fruits and vegetables are grown here. Tomatoes blush a deep red under the sun; olives grow large and are cold pressed for oil and preserved with local herbs. Juicy pomegranates and succulent melons thrive; avocados flourish and sweet grapes produce decadent wine. Animals grazing on velvet grass produce creamy milk for perfect cheese, and fields of sunny yellow grains are turned into the region's favorite breads and other kitchen staples.

These Israeli favorites offer you the best of both worlds: you can support Israel's economy (and fight BDS!) from the comfort of your kitchen, while enjoying the most delicious Mediterranean produce Israel has to offer.

Yad Mordechai

A subsidiary of Elite, the Yad Mordecai kibbutz specializes in wildflower honey, olive oil and fruit preserves. Affordable but delicious nonetheless, their products are staples in Israeli homes and supermarkets.



Located in Israel’s fertile Galilee region, Galilees produce delicious, high quality health foods such as natural teas, delectable spreads and specialty fruit wines. They also supply cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil and award-winning Israeli wines, offering a luxurious taste of one of Israel’s most picturesque areas.


Lin's Farm

Lin’s Bee Farm is a family business in southern-central Israel that has been producing all natural authentic Mediterranean food since 1972. Best known for their honeys, marinades, spreads and dips, they use natural ingredients to create preservative, dairy and gluten free gastronomic delights.

Can't choose where to start? I couldn't either, which led me to these gorgeous kosher gift baskets. They're stashed with a tempting array of delicious Mediterranean goodies and will make wonderful gifts, especially to foodie friends. Enjoy!