Is the solution to child poverty to give away money?

Will the new Bituach Leumi savings plan encourage increased savings?

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Goldstein on Gelt with Douglas Goldstein
Goldstein on Gelt with Douglas Goldstein

Why did Bituach Leumi decide to give Israeli children free money? Douglas Goldstein, CFP, a licensed investment advisor who helps people meet their savings goals, speaks with Professor John Gal, chair of the Social Welfare Policy program at the Taub Center, about the program to alleviate child poverty. Professor Gal discusses how the program works and whether it will be successful in giving children a head start in life. Will the new program encourage increased savings?

Should you invest your money in a casino instead of the stock market? Roger Whitney, the Retirement Answer Man, co-hosts this episode of The Goldstein on Gelt Show. Find out why some people prefer to bet in a casino, where the odds are stacked in favor of the house, rather than putting their money into the stock market, where historically chances of making a profit are much higher. Can you really make successful financial decisions based on chance?


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