PM Netanyahu: Tzohar 'ensures Jewish identity of Israel'

Prime Minister Netanyahu sent letter to Tzohar on its 10th anniversary, stating that they 'transmit Jewish tradition to future generations'.

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Tzohar event
Tzohar event
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The Tzohar rabbinic organization conducted a celebratory event on Tuesday in honor of its more than a thousand volunteers in Israel and abroad marking ten years since the establishment of the organization.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu sent a letter to Tzohar's volunteers citing the achievements of Tzohar. Among other things, Netanyahu wrote that the basis of Tzohar's work is a great vision of "ensuring the Jewish identity of Israel by connecting to all sectors in the country." Netanyahu emphasized that this vision represented the "golden mean."

Netanyahu also referred to matters of religion and state, which he rarely refers to publicly. "The statements you make on matters of religion and state are admirable, as well as your contribution to making religious services available to broader sectors of society. Every citizen who needs to register for marriage, receive pre-marital counseling, assistance at ceremonies which are part of the life cycle and the yearly cycle or who needs to prove his Jewishness can see you as a legitimate address" wrote Netanyahu.

At the end of his letter the prime minister praised the rabbis and employees of the organization. "Tzohar's members have taken an important responsibility upon themselves, they have many merits in transmitting the Jewish tradition from this generation to future generations. I wish that you continue to see much success in the coming years."

Tzohar head Rabbi David Stav thanked the thousands of Tzohar volunteers and said that they are "there for couples getting married, for Bar Mitzvah boys and for all those who need the services of Tzohar at all times and in all weather."