Jew in Arab prison facing death-you can help

We have 5 days to save this Jewish captive in an Arab prison before he is sentenced to death.

Arutz Sheva Staff, | updated: 22:18


20 year-old Ben Hassin is the Jewish child of an Israeli mother and Canadian father. Two years ago, he traveled into the depths of the chaotic Arab world to fight ISIS. He was an idealist, perhaps a naive one, but his friends and family never dreamed that he would be where he is now, in a cold and damp Arab prison, awaiting the trial where he will almost certainly be sentenced to death.

There is only one way to save him and that is barter.

As negotiations stand, Hassin has 5 days left to trade $120,000 for his life. We have to be able to save him.

In a week he could be home with his family, all of this a gruesome nightmare. Or he could, chas v'shalom, be dead at the hands of a cruel enemy government to whom human life, certainly a Jew's life, is not important.

Help now

This is perhaps ZAKA's most urgent fundraising campaign to date as it is utterly time-sensitive, and absolutely a matter of saving a life, real and immediate pikuach nefesh.

Donations will be accepted HERE (see below) for a very short amount of time, because that is all there is. In just a few days, it will be too late.

Donors should not doubt the fact that their contribution, and the contributions of others like them, will be the deciding factor in whether this young member of the Jewish people will live or die.

ZAKA, Ben's family, and all those who stand for good beg of you - do not be apathetic, do not stand by while a Jew's life is in danger. Help us to release this Jewish captive.

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