Pnina Rosenblum: I could have put a lot of men in jail

Ex-MK Pnina Rosenblum says compliments and 'light caresses' not sexual harassment, women should not complain 'after ten years'.

Yoel Domb,

Penina Rosenblum
Penina Rosenblum
Yossi Zamir,Flash 90

Businesswoman Pnina Rosenblum referred in a Yediot Aharonot interview to the growing phenomenon of accusations of sexual harassment and condemned the harassment, but asked to establish proper guidelines.

Rosenblum, a former actress, fashion model, and one-time Likud MK, is today a successful businesswoman and media personality.

"I was a pretty girl and I have stayed a pretty woman, and if I wanted to put people in jail for sexual harassment, I could put a lot of people [in jail]," said Rosenblum. "The whole concept of sexual harassment has turned into something different in the last few years. Once, if somebody gave you a compliment or wanted to flirt with you, nobody thought of it as sexual harassment."

"We have to define the borders here as well. It's wrong to stop people from telling a woman 'you are pretty, you are cute.' Of course if a man acts coarsely and tries to court you and you say you're not interested and he continues acting rudely or forcibly, this is unacceptable to me. Men need to know to respect a woman.

"A woman shouldn't complain if she simply received a compliment or a light caress. It should be something deeper and longer involving use of force, real harassment.

"It angers me that these women wake up after ten years and complain. It is ridiculous.If a woman was sexually harassed, she should act at that minute and not wait ten years to say 'Oh, he harassed me'."

Rosenblum stressed that "after ten years it is not right and not fair. There should be a limitation law on this. The golden mean should be found. One doesn't need ten years to remember what a person did to them. What were you doing for ten years?"

"Women today are not pushovers and that is good. They aren't afraid, they are more independent. They feel the strength to express themselves about everything, but that doesn't justify waking up after ten years."