Jewish Youth receives another administrative order

Benjamin youth expelled from Judea and Samaria by administrative order; nighttime house arrest, contact with 48 people forbidden.

Ido Ben-Porat ,

Administrative order: No trial, no evidence
Administrative order: No trial, no evidence

OC Central Command Gen. Roni Numa signed a new administrative order served last night (Tuesday) to a 17-year-old resident of Binyamin, who has been living under restrictive conditions within the framework of the previous administrative order without trial or evidence.

The order was issued following the youth's involvement in "illegal and violent activity that endangers life and property, including those of Judea and Samaria residents."

The youth is restricted to the boundaries of his community of residence for six months, except for the possibility to leave "the boundaries of the State of Israel". In addition, he was forbidden for six months to make contact with 48 people, and for four months he will be under nighttime house arrest from 8:00 pm to sunrise.

Last week, an order was served to a 16-year-old resident of Yitzhar, whereby he must remain under nighttime house arrest, and he is forbidden to contact 170 people. Attorney Chaim Bleicher of the civil department of the Honeinu Organization appealed the order and will be heard by a military court in a few days.

According to the appeal, the boy does not even know scores of people listed in the order, and some of those listed have not been in contact with him for several years, including an officer and soldiers in elite units.