The cry of the bereaved father
'A slap in the face of bereaved families'

Father of Ziv Mizrachi disappointed at postponement of discussion of terrorist families expulsion law. "There's no deterrent punishment"

Eliran Aharon ,

Doron Mizrachi
Doron Mizrachi
Eliran Aharon

Doron Mizrahi, father of soldier Ziv who was murdered in an attack at the gas station on Route 443, is furious about the government's decision to postpone the debate on the expulsion of families of terrorists.

In an interview with Arutz Sheva he tells of his difficult feelings. "I'm angry at the postponement of the terrorist's families' expulsion law. I and other families are fighting that the law will pass.

"There is no deterrent. Again they want to destroy houses, and again there is a court appeal - but there is no deterrence. There's no deterrent penalty and we see that it continues, as happened last week when four soldiers were murdered. It never stops.

"In my case, the terrorist's home was not destroyed, with the claim that there's no connection between the owner and the terrorist," says Mizrahi with tears in his eyes. "When a murderer wants to go to attack, he must understand that it has a high price. That his family would be deported. Believe me, it's a deterrent punishment."