Hamas arrests comedian over video on electricity crisis

Authorities in Hamas-run Gaza arrest singer-comedian after who made a video about electricity crisis and said, "Hamas enough".

Ben Ariel,

Hamas terrorist in Gaza
Hamas terrorist in Gaza
Emad Nassar/Flash 90

Authorities in Hamas-run Gaza on Wednesday arrested a Palestinian Arab singer-comedian after he made a video about the electricity crisis in the enclave, AFP reported.

The singer-comedian, Adel Meshoukhi, was summoned by police and arrested, an interior ministry source told the news agency.

The arrest followed Meshoukhi’s publishing of an online video about the ongoing shortages of electricity and employment in Gaza which included the line "Hamas enough".

It has been viewed more than 150,000 times, AFP reported.

Gaza residents have in recent weeks been suffering from repeated power shortages, with homes in Gaza City typically getting around four hours a day -- rather than at least eight normally.

Earlier this week, dozens of Gazans protested over the ongoing electricity shortages, the latest in a series of demonstrations against Gaza’s Hamas terrorist rulers.

Meshoukhi, who has been detained previously, is perhaps best known for an ode to a cat, noted AFP.

The frequent power outages in Gaza have been ongoing for several years, and are mostly due to ongoing disputes between Hamas and its longtime rival, the Fatah movement headed by Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

Egypt has also played a role in the outages, having in the past disconnected some of the power lines to Gaza.