Ofra residents: Normalize our community

Ofra residents write letter to MKs asking them to demand that PM act to prevent destruction of 9 houses next month.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,


Residents of the town of Ofra in Samaria sent a letter to the Members of the Knesset asking them to arrange resettlement for residents whose houses are scheduled to be demolished next month.

"On the 11th of the [Hebrew month of] Shvat, on February 7, 2017, bulldozers will come to Ofra and destroy homes there. If you fail to make a difference, know that Ofa will experience one of its saddest days since it first broke ground in 1975, with the support of every government of Israel since then." the residents wrote to the MKs.

They added: "Our community has known how to stand against enemies and murderers since its inception, and next month we will stand against the bulldozers which will destroy nine homes of families who live among us. The impotence and inaction of the government and Prime Minister Netanyahu will not cause us to lower our heads and reach an understanding that the government of Israel will demolish houses in Ofra."

The residents called on the MKs to work vigorously and decisively. "We demand a change in the status of the land in Ofra, once and for all, without political accounts. We expect you to demand that Prime Minister Netanyahu normalize Ofra and not destroy it. It is in the hands of the Prime Minister to prevent to the destruction of homes, to regulate the town, and to enforce the construction law in the entire area of the town, after more than four decades since its establishment by the decision of the government."

"Those who choose to ignore Ofra and ride towards it on bulldozers know why they decided to destroy homes, and will face a determined, nonviolent struggle." the residents warned.

"This is not the time to be silent. [It is] the time to act on behalf of the Zionist settlements in the Land of Israel. We expect you to demand that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu end the destruction of homes in Ofra and to normalize the town of Ofra once and for all." the letter concluded