Is Parks Authority involved in missionary activity?

Yad Le'achim activists reveal Parks Authority selling missionary book in stores.

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Arutz Sheva,

Yad Leachim with missionaries
Yad Leachim with missionaries
Yad leachim

Numerous complaints which reached the Yad Le'achim organization's emergency hotline revealed that at the Parks Authority store at the entrance to the Stalagmite Cave near Beit Shemesh which sells condiments, souvenirs, maps and books, there was also a children's book with missionary content.

The Yad Le'achim organization is devoted to combating missionary efforts against Jews as well as rescuing Jewish women from Arab villages.

After investigation it was confirmed that there was a missionary book called "My Anthology of Bible Tales" published by the missionary organization "Society for Holy Scriptures" affiliated with the Christian missionary cult "Jews for Jesus" and including biblical stories with Christian content.

From the investigation it emerged that this was the only book displayed in the store which did not have any association Parks Authority tourist sites..

Yad Le'achim activists who were sent to other sites of the Parks Authority, such as Caesarea, Mitzpe Ramon and others were stunned to discover the missionary book on sale with other items.

The directors of Yad Le'Achim sent an urgent letter to the heads of the Parks Authority and to the Tourism ministry responsible for the Parks Authority.

The letter bore the title "Activities encouraging apostasy among children at Parks Authority sites," the organization revealed the missionaries hiding behind the publication of the book "My Anthology of Bible Tales" and stated that besides the danger of spiritual damage to Jewish children which the book carried with it, it also constituted a violation of the law against "seducing minors to convert" which carries a six month jail sentence.

After a few days the Parks Authority announced that they would not renew the consignment of missionary books. A Yad Le'Achim investigation revealed that the books already on the shelves had been removed.