10 orphans left in poverty
10 orphans left in poverty

When our mother died, she left 10 orphans who are suffering from dire poverty.

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10 Orphans
10 Orphans
kupt haair

It was so sudden.

Our mother suffered a stroke, and suddenly she was gone.

Here we were, ten children who had become orphans. The oldest 23, the youngest just a baby. We lost everything when we lost her.

Our grief is even more painful, even more humiliating, because we live in dire poverty. We never had much, with so many children, and a father learning in kollel. But now that our mother is gone, and our world has been turned upside down, things have taken a turn for the worse.

Our home is not a place suitable for living . We need food. Clothes for the babies. Coats. A warm place to sleep at night.


I am begging you, this is a truly serious matter. We are trying so desperately to begin again, to continue our lives without our mother. How can we do that when the children are so hungry and cold? How can we find some joy in life when we do not know how we will survive the month or where we will live?

Our dignity, but we is shattered in our need to publicly ask for help. Do you see our humiliation? Do you see another sad story or headline, or do you see us? People, children, orphans, yidden..

Now, I am engaged.in shidduchim. How willcan I pay for the even dream of affording a wedding? How will I build a faithful home in Israel, a bayis ne'eman yisroel. It is a nightmare.

Please. have pity on us. Save our suffering family before the grief and povertylack destroy us.

Please. have pity on us. Save our suffering family before the grief and poverty destroy us.


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