World Vision head accused of funneling funds to Hamas

Gaza director of Christian charity World Vision indicted for funneling aid money to Hamas terrorists.

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AFP and Arutz Sheva,

Humanitarian aid items for Gaza
Humanitarian aid items for Gaza
Yoni Kempinski

Israel on Wednesday announced new charges against the Gaza head of a major US-based NGO accused of diverting millions of dollars in aid to Hamas.

Mohammed al-Halabi, the Gaza director of Christian humanitarian charity World Vision, is alleged to have funnelled aid money to the Islamist terrorist movement that runs the Gaza Strip.He is due in court again in the city of Beersheva on Thursday.

On Wednesday an updated charge sheet was published with two additional charges, including "aiding and abetting the enemy in a time of war" and "passing information to the enemy. A foreign ministry spokesman declined to comment on the additional charges.

Halabi is expected to plead not guilty on Thursday after negotiations over a plea bargain collapsed, a source close to the case said. His legal team said Wednesday they still have not had access to much of the evidence against their client.

On January 4 a United Nations worker from Gaza was sentenced to seven months in jail for aiding Hamas "without intention."