Huckabee: Trump should visit Hevron, Cave of the Patriarchs

Governor Mike Huckabee says President-elect Trump should visit Hevron, calls for free access to holy sites.

Yoel Domb ,

Huckabee in Hebron
Huckabee in Hebron
Eliran Aharon

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee said that President-elect Donald Trump should visit the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hevron during his own visit to the holy site.

He described the site as "one of the most unique places on earth" and said it is a tragedy that there are so many restrictions that exist on visiting various parts of the holy site due to Muslim objections. He believes that if we could access all of the caves it would be "one of the greatest archaeological opportunities in the history of mankind."

Huckabee stated that the Cave of the Patriarchs should be free,open and accessible to all people on earth who would then be able to recognize "what an enormous amount of history was played out here."

Huckabee also referred to the UN and stated that "I am standing in a place that has been indigenous to the Jews for 4000 years. To say that the Jews don't belong here is like saying that Texans don't belong in Dallas. That's absurd."

When asked if he thought President-elect Trump should visit the Cave of the Patriarchs Huckabee said that he would love for Trump to come and visit the site, but he specified that Trump should only visit on one of the few days when the entire site is open to Jews.

"I would recommend that he (Trump) come on one of the ten days of the year when he can go into the inner chamber", Huckabee said.