Jews praying at Joshua's tomb attacked - then arrested

Ten Jews attacked by Arabs phoned security forces - only to be arrested. Honenu organization: 'Police response a prize for terror'.

Mordechai Sones ,

Prayer at Joshua's Tomb
Prayer at Joshua's Tomb
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Ten Breslov Hasidim who entered Joshua's tomb in Kifl Hares near Ariel late Wednesday night without prior coordination with security forces came under attack by local Arabs.

They called the emergency police 100 number, were extracted from the area by security forces and were subsequently arrested by police.

According to reports reaching the Honenu organization, which is assisting the detainees, the group entered the village, which is located in Area B (partial Pa control) and to which the entry of Israeli citizens is permitted, when at some point Arabs began throwing stones at their vehicle. The group managed to get to the tomb and entered the structure for protection against the stone throwing, then rushed to alert the security forces.

Police announced that it will bring the detainees to appear before Petah Tikva Magistrate's Court, where they will be represented by Hai Haber, a lawyer from the organization.

A Honenu spokesman commented: "The police once again awards a prize to terrorism and arrest Jewish worshipers who were attacked instead of the attacking Arabs. This is in area B which is not illegal to enter, but it seems more comfortable for the police to act against Jewish worshipers than against Arab rioters."

It should be noted that a few months ago a similar incident occurred during which worshipers were attacked at by Arabs at Joshua's tomb and were then arrested by the police.

Police said of last night's incident, "Ten suspects were arrested and questioned on suspicion of: violation of a General's order, behavior that could endanger public safety, and disturbing a public servant, and are being brought before the Petah Tikva Magistrate court to hear the case.

"The Israel Police reiterates that entering a closed military zone is a violation of a military order and jeopardizes their safety and the safety of our forces. Every few weeks, the Ephraim division organizes a secure and coordinated visit to the tomb, and any uncoordinated entrance to the village is dangerous and in violation of the law", added the police.