Singer Mordechai Ben David slams Obama at Jerusalem concert

Prominent Hasidic singer uses racial term to rip outgoing US President Barack Obama.

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Mordechai Ben David
Mordechai Ben David
Screenshot/Youtube via JTA

JTA - Popular Hasidic singer Mordechai Ben David called President Barack Obama a “kushi,” a term meaning black person, at a concert in Jerusalem.

Ben David was performing a song about peace at the Dec. 29 concert when he told the audience: “Do you know when there will be peace? In a few weeks, when there will be a new president in the United States and the kushi goes home.”

The audience burst into applause.

Several municipal and government officials were in the audience, including Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat and Interior Minister Aryeh Deri (Shas).

The word, derived from a biblical word for an Ethiopian, is usually regarded as derogatory in modern Hebrew.

Mordechai Ben David Werdyger, 65, who lives in Brooklyn, has recorded dozens of albums of Jewish music, and regularly appears before Orthodox audiences in North American and Israel.