Murder-suicide suspected as mother, son found dead in Akko

Mother in northern Israeli town dead in apparent suicide, son's body found with signs of violence.

David Rosenberg,

Ambulance (Illustrative)
Ambulance (Illustrative)
Flash 90

A mother and her young son were found dead in the northern coastal town of Akko Wednesday morning in an apparent murder-suicide.

The incident comes just days after another apparent murder-suicide in Jerusalem, which left a 36-year old mother and her four daughters dead.

At 6:31 Wednesday morning, an MDA call center received a report regarding a woman who had fallen or leapt from her sixth-floor apartment on Nativ Hativat Golani Street in Akko.

MDA emergency responders who answered the call declared the woman dead at the scene.

During a search of the woman’s apartment the body of her 5-year old son was found, with signs of violence suggesting he may have been murdered.

MDA first responder Michael Yohanov described the scene: “When we arrived, we saw a woman at the bottom of the building, roughly 35 years of age, unconscious and with serious internal injuries. We performed a number of medical checks on her, but her injuries were extremely severe and we were forced to declare her dead shortly afterwards.”

The MDA team, joined by a police unit, then searched the woman’s apartment unit, where they made a second gruesome discovery.

“We went into the building along with police, and in one of the apartments discovered a boy, approximately 5 years of age, with no vital signs and who had signs of violence on his body,” Yohanov said. “Unfortunately, we were forced to declare him dead at the scene.”