Terror in Jerusalem - ZAKA needs your help

Through fire and blood, they run toward terror - Now they need our help to heal.


Terror in Jerusalem
Terror in Jerusalem
דוברות זק"א

Headline: Terror in Jerusalem Ramming attack in Jerusalem kills 4
Truck rams into pedestrians in Jerusalem in a suspected terror attack, injures at least 15.

It doesn't get much closer to doing the mitzvah of kindness to victims, chesed shel emes, yourself than this.

This afternoon, a truck rammed into a group of soldiers on a promenade in the Armon Hanatziv neighborhood of Jerusalem, killing at least four of them, and injuring at least 15 more in yet another brutal vehicular terror attack.

Eyewitnesses said that after the driver hit the soldiers with his truck, he put the vehicle in reverse and ran over them a second time.

Once again, just hours ago, as people ran from the scene to save themselves, ZAKA volunteers ran the action to see how they could help. The volunteers are on the scene as this is being written, and will be transporting the bodies of four Jews who died far, far too young.

If you are waiting for the time to support ZAKA - The time is now.

ZAKA volunteers risk their lives and are prepared to undergo trauma themselves to make sure that the body parts of the viciously murdered are gathered with respect. They go home to their families with images in their minds that they can truly never, ever 'unsee.'

How they will move on is their own personal journey. But how the organization will move on, how they will continue to have the resources they need to continue to do their work in each gruesome scene of terror, depends on the response of people like us who choose to give.

Please join ZAKA in their work, and give what you can.