5 dead in Jerusalem apartment fire

Jerusalem woman and her four children reportedly killed as fire rages through apartment.

David Rosenberg, | updated: 17:24

Fire department responds to apartment fire in Jerusalem
Fire department responds to apartment fire in Jerusalem
Eliran Aharon

A woman, roughly 30 years of age, and her four daughters were killed in a fire in their Jerusalem apartment Sunday evening.

MDA emergency response teams were called to the scene after the fire was reported, and are currently providing first aid.

The fire broke out in an apartment unit located on Derech Hebron Street in southern Jerusalem.

All five victims of the fire were declared dead at the scene, including the mother, two girls roughly 12 years old, a younger daughter approximately 7 years old, and a two-year old toddler.

A United Hatzalah spokesperson reports that the incident may have been an act of murder-suicide by the mother.

Members of a United Hatzalah psychotrauma unit are working to stabilize the condition of the father, who was also injured in the fire that killed his wife and daughters.